Performing preventative maintenance on mechanical systems has been proven to provide longer equipment life, lower operating/energy costs, and reduced equipment downtime. It is important to consider the extent of maintenance to be performed, and its timing. If too much preventative maintenance is performed, the cost of maintenance increases dramatically; if too little maintenance is performed, the cost of preventative maintenance goes down, however, more equipment breakdowns occur, increasing repair costs and equipment downtime

Because of our industry knowledge and experience, we are able to prepare customized, cost effective preventative maintenance programs for all types of systems and facilities. When designing these maintenance programs, we look at the specific requirements of our clients’ operations, including the type and frequency of use of the equipment.

We currently provide programmed maintenance routines on thousands of pieces of equipment, in many types of facilities. Many pieces of equipment we maintain are unique and have very specific applications. Because of the wide variety of systems we maintain, our Technicians are experienced and qualified to perform cost effective preventative maintenance on any type of commercial, institutional or industrial heating, cooling, ventilation or process application.

To keep our customized preventative maintenance programs on schedule, our capable administrative personnel are provided with the latest, most advanced computerized software programs.



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