Responsive Multi-Tech Services Ltd. services all types of heating and process boilers, large and small, from old style firebox boilers, to modern high-pressure, instantaneous steam boilers. We have the tools and know-how to make certain that the boilers we work on are operating safely and efficiently. This is accomplished by ensuring that the waterside of the boiler is correctly treated for proper heat transfer and that the gas or oil burner has been tested and adjusted for maximum fuel efficiency.

Most of the boilers we service require inspections by TSSA (Technical Safety and Standards Authority) or by our clients’ insurance companies. In most cases, on behalf of our clients, we look after arranging these mandatory inspections with the respective agencies. We open and close the boilers for these inspections, and are on site during the inspection to review any issues.

We recognize the fact that fuel is expensive, and that the boiler is only a small part of any heating system. We therefore focus on the entire system, to ensure that it is operating as cost effectively as possible.



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